“Color tattoos” that make good use of scars

I really like this “back tattoo”! In order to make the scar not too obtrusive, using a detailed pattern of “needle and thread tattoo”, in addition to commemorating the “importance” of this operation, it also adds cute and colorful elements to this scar to add meaning and positive energy. If you have a small scar on your body, you can refer to this type of tattoo!


“Animal element tattoos” composed of different pigment colors

Is the tattoo of a whale jumping out of the water spectacular? The whale is not only a symbol of “motherhood”, but also a symbol of resurrection and rebirth in psychology. The traditional black paint is used to outline the whale’s outline, and the white paint is used to create the vision of the waves. It is really delicate!

Emphasize your beauty with flower words! “Flower Tattoo”

If a scar is left on the neck, it will inevitably be more unavoidable for girls. Just use a colorful paint pattern to put a bud on the flower! “Flower tattoo” symbolizes the bravery after the trauma, and the types of flowers are very diverse. It is recommended to choose a meaning of the flower language that you like, and it is good to have a romance by the way!

Keep the scars low-key! “Small and sweet literary tattoo”

The fresh and sweet little tattoo should be hard to remind of the original burns, right? The “Girl Tattoo” wearing a rainbow and wearing a Peng Peng skirt is small and cute, not only can’t be seen after beautification, it also makes people feel very kind and beautiful!


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