Worried about scars? These 6 types of tattoos can help you

Each delicate and beautiful tattoo has a different meaning and story. It may be shared with your lover, perhaps to commemorate the lost affection. Of course, there are also people who want to cover their pain through tattoos. These tattoos may be It looks bright and cute, but the meaning to the wounded is definitely more profound ~

Most people must be very scared when they hear the operation, so if you have to undergo surgery in case of an unavoidable accident, your mind will definitely leave a shallow shadow. The fish bone pattern on the inner side of the calf below should have been a very serious open trauma, but it is covered with a cute and playful pattern. It is believed that it can release a lot of mood. And the “fish bone” element is most often used to cover the scar. Oh!

” Cute little fresh ” talking to scars

I remember doing art and art work as a child, the teacher always asked us to cut the paper along the “dotted line”, and this tattoo enthusiast used this situation and “childlikeness” to face trauma. It echoes the scar pattern. After finishing the pattern, there is a feeling of “finishing the finishing touch”, and the small scissors will not be too difficult to pattern, probably about the size of “small and fresh”!

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