Liu Yelin, a 50-year-old Chinese hot lady, took a group of photos on the shore of Lake Baikal. She only wore a bikini and took photos in the snow below 40 degrees Celsius because her body was fit and she had no traces of time. Caused scramble for foreign media reports.

The ice and snow are in sharp contrast with her hot body ~

Many foreign netizens commented and praised.

It’s a pity they don’t understand. She tattooed to cover the scar left by the abdomen, which should be a sign of mother pride.

She had posted pictures of her son on Weibo. At the age of 50, she stood beside her 23-year-old son, like a harmonious peer. Of course, this form is inseparable from her 30 years of fitness.

Tattoos have nothing to do with morality, but only with aesthetics. Whether they are appreciated or not, it is all personal preference.
Looking back at the centuries of tattoo history of women, even today women’s tattoo development is diversified. But there are still some prejudices.

According to the monk, tattooing is an act of self-selection. Many girls are a way to express their autonomy in order to reflect their self-awareness.
Whether you have a tattoo or not, it does not affect whether you are a good mother or a good daughter.

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