First female artist with a public tattoo: Janis Joplin

Over time, tattoos have become very popular, they are almost no longer considered exotic, and the ladies of tattoos have actually joined the mainstream society.

Ruby rose

Time to return to modern tattooed women

Lina, a tattoo artist from South Korea, is also very famous locally. In addition to her tattoos, of course, it is because of her beauty and daily wear.

Tattoos all over her body are also her signature accessories.

She has less of her own tattoos on Instagram, but more of her daily life, so she can successfully attract different people to follow her!

She also generously took pictures of her pregnancy and her baby. Sure enough, the person who became a mother has more temperament and quietness than the funny girl before.

What two beautiful little angels!

This is a Moscow policewoman shooting a Japanese photographer while traveling in Russia. He posted this group of photos on Twitter, and got 150,000 likes and 47,000 shares.

Her name is Tatiana Ziming. The photos of Japanese photographers made her quickly become an “Internet celebrity.” Many people found her personal INS and wanted to see more photos of her.

The beautiful and charming beauty with the steed, this picture is picturesque.

Tatiana Jiming has a huge tattoo on her right arm, which is in stark contrast to her mounted police identity. However, the Russian army and police did not oppose tattooing, so she did not violate relevant regulations.

She is also the mother of a four-year-old girl. In front of them is a heroic and vigorous policewoman, and behind them is a gentle and kind mother.

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