Compared to the “lady” in high society, they are economically independent and do not rely on male support for their survival. At that time, many people had few opportunities to work in high-paying jobs, especially for women. Joining the circus can be seen as an opportunity with more opportunities and of course a more stable economic life.

Female artist treated as an exhibit

The prejudice against girls’ tattoos does not actually appear from the beginning. The Victorian attitude towards female tattoos has taken an important first step towards the normalization of female tattoos today.

The first female tattoo artist in American history

Nora Hildebrand may be the first female tattoo artist in the United States. She was born in London and moved to the United States. More than just working on a tattoo girl, she later opened her own tattoo shop.

Across the ocean in the UK, Jessie Knight, who was also an acrobatic troupe, quit the acrobatic troupe after being accidentally injured in a performance, began to contact tattoos, and later became the first female tattoo artist in Britain.

During World War II, Jessie was tattooing other women

Tattoos liberate body autonomy: witnessing the 20th century women’s movement

In the middle of the 20th century, Western male-dominated society still had prejudices against tattooed women and regarded them as the opposite sign of “good wives and mothers.”

And this public opinion with negative colors has made more women in the second wave of feminist movement in the middle of the 20th century join the tattoo queue. Women want to use tattoos to resist patriarchy, a hegemonic definition of “femininity”.

“Who has control over the female body” has become a widely discussed issue. Many women declare their autonomy to this society through the anti-femininity of anti-femininity in tattoos.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, women’s tattoos retreated from their original “radical” coats and became popular pop culture. Such a transformation is indispensable for celebrities to take the lead.

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