The finger tattoos of European and American girls who are crazy this year are not only quite styling but also very delicate and sexy, becoming the love of trendy people. This trend is gradually spreading around the world. If you want to tattoo but do n’t know what to tattoo? Come take a look at the 50 tattoos below!

Mickey Mouse was conceived by Mr. Disney and produced by Mr. Disney. Many people think that Mickey Mouse came from Disney. This is not the case. The original prototype of Mickey Mouse was designed by his design partner Wupper Evols. One of the highest tributes to Mickey comes from Walt. Among the Disney population. When he discussed his company on a TV show, he said: I only hope we will never forget one thing: that is, everything here starts with a mouse. Many people like Mickey’s cute image and tattoo it on his body.

Girl loving finger tattoo pictures. A simple heart-shaped pattern can express that casual and casual aesthetic feeling. Even without too much modification, the small tattoo on this finger can still release a unique temperament,

Finger ring tattoos are usually suitable for show love between couples. Simple line tattoos are loved by many people.

Animal tattoos with black stick sketches on fingers are also very cute, and many girls like to tattoo kittens

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