A tattoo sticker is a sticker attached to the body. It is simple and convenient to use, no pain, it can be kept for 1 to 7 days after being pasted, it is not afraid of washing, and there is no obvious damage to the skin. Therefore, it is easier to be accepted by everyone than traditional tattoos, and it is easy to change patterns frequently.

Tattoo stickers are cheap and have colors and patterns that attract customers. The process technology of the tattoo stickers is water transfer technology. The material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, environmental protection ink, environmental protection glue and laminating film. After printing the finished product, the pattern on the base paper can be transferred to the skin or other items with a small amount of water on.

Compared with tattoo stickers, the retention time of tattoos will be more durable and look more realistic. However, the disadvantages of real tattoos will be a little more than tattoo stickers. Everyone must rationally analyze and choose one that suits you.

After reading so many flower tattoos, are there any ones you like?

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