What does a girl have tattoos for?
Explain that she is open-minded or has a story?
Explain that you are biased!
This is what old Sam saw a long time ago
Because I was looking for some tattoo materials about girls recently
Just saw this sentence again
But this time
There is a comment below that caught my attention! !
“Men have stories called vicissitudes, women have stories called dirty”

what? This strongly biased sentence
Straight guys really want to hit someone when they see it!
What kind of theory is this? ?
Why even tattoos should be divided between men and women
Can’t girls have their own stories?

I know that many people still resist tattoos
But if you only evaluate a person by tattoos
Sorry, there is no absolute good or bad in this world

What happened to a girl with tattoos?
Why do people always say
“This girl has a tattoo and it must be very good”
“When I look at her tattoo, I know that it is not a serious girl”

Is it “abnormal” for girls to have tattoos?
I remember once a female tattoo artist said
Her tattoo studio generally only accepts female guests
Someone asked her why, she said:
“Although people’s attitude towards tattoos is gradually changing now
More and more girls are starting to try tattoos
I think every girl who gets a tattoo has a story that belongs to her
Compared with other people who only look at the appearance, I prefer to listen
Listen to their stories and create a tattoo that belongs to them ”

Yeah, why judge a person by looking at his appearance
Everyone who gets a tattoo has a story
Maybe this is her emotional memory
Or just simply like it

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