Like humans, cats also have a variety of small quirks that make people feel inexplicable. I remember that I was very curious when I first raised a cat, because this guy often does unexpected things. Now let’s take a look at the strange behaviors of cats that are confusing.

1.Biting nails

There are two possible reasons for a cat to bite her nails. One is to simply repair her nails; the other is an anxious behavior, just like when people bite their nails when they feel nervous. If it is a bad habit caused by anxiety, then the owner must find the root cause of anxiety before he can help the cat get rid of this habit.

2.Parkour at home

Friends who have cats at home know that cats run around in the house a few times a day, sometimes they suddenly run away, and sometimes they go crazy after going to the toilet. Rest assured, the cat is doing exercise to release excess energy.

3.Smell master’s face

The cat smells the owner’s face in order to become familiar with the owner’s smell and is a way of expressing love. Of course, if your cat is a foodie, then when the cat sniffs close to your face, it is very likely that it wants to know what you just ate.


When the cat sees a bird outside the window or a small flying insect on the ceiling, it makes such a chirping sound like a tooth fight. This is the expression of excitement of the cat, and it may also be the sound of disappointment when the prey is not caught.

5.Drink any water shouldn’t drink

As long as it’s not the water in your bowl, cats love it. For example, there is no time to discard the footwash, the toilet, the fish tank, or even the water in the owner ’s cup. As for the reason? Don’t guess the cat’s brain circuit.

And sometimes they can do more things you cann’t image ~