I have already sent an article about the dark series a while ago, and today I will share another material about the dark style. I hope you can understand the meaning of tattoos, understand the culture of our star tattoos, and always pay attention to our development. We are serving friends who love tattoos, thank you for your long-term support! We will get better. Okay, please enjoy the abstract style of the dark series below! ! ! Whether you can detonate her depends on your forwarding and collection! ! !

Either you die, or I will die with you.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

People are not afraid of death, but the unknown of another world.

You see, even if the night is so dark, some people are still looking for hope, even if they know there is no hope at all.

Darkness gave birth to light, but light turned away from darkness. Curse the darkness.

No warm sunlight can warm this frozen heart.

We always say that light is beautiful and darkness is evil, but how can there be light without darkness?

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