In addition to large flower arms, English letters, and large-scale tattoos with different patterns, simple “line tattoos” are now becoming more and more popular.

Unlike concrete tattoo designs, simple line tattoos will give people a refreshing feeling, and will make people have rich associations. At the same time, the clean lines will make people feel refreshed and happy.

Line tattoos, including geometric tattoos, character tattoos, animal tattoos and ornament tattoos, are simply created with black and white lines, and also add some fashionable elements, on this basis to create modern fashion, and popular Tattoo patterns come.

Line tattoos are basically composed of simple lines. Although seemingly random, they are actually more “deliberate”. They are also full of strong literary and artistic sense and a modern sense, which is also rarely available in other tattoo styles.

For line tattoos, the acceptance level of many people is relatively high, does not require large-area patterns, and can still show the personality of the tattooist ~

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