Many friends have many uncomfortable symptoms after tattooing, such as redness, itching, etc. This is most likely because they did not notice after tattooing; in addition, tattoo maintenance is also very important, if you want the tattoo to last longer on the body While maintaining the original colors, you must pay attention to the following:

01. Cleaning

After the tattoo is finished, it is recommended to wash with water for half a day for two days. Rinse with warm water, and then choose tissues or wet tissues to absorb or dry the water on the surface of the tattoo area (need to choose non-alcoholic wet tissues).

02. Maintenance

Maintenance methods are divided into paste maintenance, liquid maintenance and medical dressing maintenance. General tattoo shops will have professional tattoo maintenance and repair creams, the price is generally around tens to one hundred yuan.

03. Nursing

Wrapped tattoo wounds with plastic wrap will provide a hotbed for bacterial growth. It is recommended to wrap the tattoos with a breathable medical dressing to avoid contact with outside clothing, bedding, dust and pets to prevent bacterial invasion. After two days of tattoo maintenance, there is no need for any bandages to maintain ventilation and ventilation. Continue to apply baby lotion until the skin has completely recovered (4-6 weeks) to keep the tattoo area moist.

04 healing

Tattoos will become itchy during scab formation. Do not scratch (keep falling off), otherwise it will seriously affect the tattoo effect and coloring. And there will be discoloration or thick scab, slow healing and so on. The speed of the tattoo healing time will vary according to each person’s physique, which is normal.

05 Recovery

Avoid direct sunlight, bathing, sauna, rubbing, etc. (5-6 weeks); spicy and drinking (at least 1 week) during the tattoo recovery process. Wear loose clothing as much as possible during the recovery process to avoid friction. (It is recommended to wear pure cotton clothing).

06. Common reactions

Some colors or residual secretions will appear when washing the tattoo, this is normal, don’t worry. Redness and swelling after 24 hours of normal tattooing are abnormal, and some anti-inflammatory drugs should be used.

07. Precautions

Avoid strenuous exercise and stretching within 1 week after the tattoo is completed, otherwise it will affect the tattoo recovery.

The above 7 points are relatively common knowledge of tattoo care, be sure to remember ~