Let ’s take a look at these pictures at the beginning. I can guarantee that these patterns will definitely poke your heart.

Do these clean compositions with a hint of dark style tattoos, and the style that doesn’t drag on the water, fall in love at once?

The owner of this tattoo style is a very talented young Spanish tattoo artist. She demonstrated her undeniable talent on the international stage with her unique female tattoo.

You may not know
This tattoo artist is a post-95 named Lydia Madrid. Although she was born in 1995, she was young and engaged in tattooing for less than 3 years, but she has quickly become one of the most popular tattoo artists in Spain.

Her exquisite tattoo works exemplify talents and skills far beyond her age. We can’t believe she only has more than two years of tattoo work experience.

(Sure enough, there is beauty and talent)
I do n’t know if you guys found that it ’s not just expressed in black and white
Bringing a strong visual impact to people As for why, Lidi also has his own views

The tattoo that Lydia Madrid wants to show you must be clean and elegant

She didn’t plan to make it all black at the beginning
However, with a deeper understanding of tattoos, I slowly discovered that only black is in line with the tattoos in my heart. This combination of pure black and dark officially debuted and even became the most popular style.

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