10. Do n’t eat too spicy. Although the diet is not very stimulating, but some people still eat it spicy, so the tattoo artist recommends not to eat too spicy, because you will accidentally scratch your skin when you fall asleep and wait until the next morning Only to find out that a piece of color is too late!

11. Pain is an important part. Don’t be afraid of crusting and bleeding. Because tattoo needles will penetrate your skin one stitch at a time, it is impossible to be completely painless. If you accidentally become addicted after tattooing, can’t wait to prepare for the next tattoo, please Do your homework, the pain is different in each part. If you feel uncomfortable during the tattooing process, let the tattoo artist know at any time. Take time to take a break. You can eat chocolate to replenish your energy and drink a sports drink to restore body moisture. Don’t be stubborn. Pain is also an important and memorable part of tattooing.

12. Pay attention to joints and areas that are easy to pull. Do not exercise vigorously to avoid pulling on the wound, because muscle contraction is closely related to the skin, especially the joints or areas that are easy to stretch. If you are in the process of wound scabbing, please be careful not to move too much. If you really want to exercise, avoid the skin and muscle groups that have just been tattooed. Do not let the scabs crack and cause coloring failure.

13. Rest assured! Can complement color Because different parts of the skin will have different results, and the tattooist’s tattoo workers are not the same, the body’s absorption of ink and color will definitely be different. If the tattoo looks uneven after a few weeks, this is normal But please don’t ignore this situation, please find time to find a tattoo artist to make up the color, and most of the shops are free services, just make an appointment in advance!
14. For those who have special ointment with sensitive skin and easy to itch, the tattoo artist will recommend you to use the special tattoo ointment. Do n’t rub it. Make sure the ointment approved by the tattooist can be used. You can also ask the tattooist if you need to rub Vaseline, or what ointments can be applied.
15. Check back in the store after three months. After the tattoo is restored for one to three months, you can take a picture of the tattoo recovery at any time and send it to the tattoo artist to confirm whether you want to go back to “second processing”. After all, people may become fat and thin. , Exercise will also change the skin state. By the way, you can also go to the tattoo artist for maintenance or color correction every two to three years, so that your favorite tattoo will not become messy!



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