4. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to the skin after tattooing, because tattoo wounds take two to three weeks to heal. Sunlight will affect wound healing and cause skin pain, which is likely to cause puffiness or allergies, and color tattoos may The risk of fading, it is recommended that everyone wear loose dark clothing to cover, to avoid friction and sunlight.

5. Do n’t drink on the day. Hangover drinking will make blood circulation speed up and make coloring more difficult. 24 hours after tattooing is especially important. No matter if your skin is usually easy to color, drinking will affect the coloring status, and drunk. Will you accidentally catch it later, if you don’t want to regret it forever? I advise you to put up with it that day and drink again in a few days!

6. The food effect is actually not great. Some people say that the tattoo diet should pay special attention, but the tattoo artist said, “It’s not so serious!” It wo n’t be too big, so everyone can eat with confidence! But again, “Never drink.”

7. With the skin condition, there will be some differences. After a period of time, the tattoo wound will form a thin film, and then slowly crust and peel. At this time, also avoid sun exposure. If the wound is itchy, do not scratch it. Gently press on toilet paper. However, because everyone’s skin conditions are different, the restored color and appearance may be different, or it may be different from the original imagination, it is recommended to discuss with a tattoo artist


8. During the recovery period, do not remove the hair first. The wound is sensitive to sunlight and contact for a long time after tattooing, even if the wound is completely healed. Therefore, the tattoo artist recommends that you do not remove hair temporarily after tattooing because the hair follicles will open after hair removal The blade will not only hurt when it passes across the skin. It may also cause inadvertent allergic infections, which may cause discoloration or incomplete coloration. However, in general, if there is too much body hair in the tattoo area, the tattoo artist will help the customer to shave the hair before tattooing.

9. Itchy hands? Do not exercise for the time being. When you remove the bandage and the plastic wrap, you may see a slight bleeding. The wound will cause bleeding due to exertion. Do n’t be afraid, because this is a normal situation, but try to do it from one to two weeks after the tattoo. Do not exercise, because sweating will make pores open, and it is very possible to make the tattoo look foggy after recovery, and the expected lines may not be effective.

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