Many friends hesitate for a long time before tattooing, so after finishing the tattoo, it is not only necessary to enjoy it, but also to show off with friends, but do you know about the 15 things after “tattooing”? In this article, I interviewed a professional tattooist friend around me, and sorted out 15 keywords that must be paid attention to after tattooing. You must know!

1. Wound treatment on the day of tattooing Generally speaking, it will be covered with plastic wrap about 2 hours after tattooing to avoid direct contact between the tattoo and clothes, and to prevent it from coming into contact with dirty things after leaving, then use warm water Gently clean, slightly dry with clean toilet paper, do not use soap or vigorous scrubbing, as the wound may be torn, and the color after healing is incomplete. Although it is still possible to make up the color, this time is very critical. Pay special attention to it. . Of course, not every tattoo needs to be covered with plastic wrap. Some tattoo positions will not be affected, or there is no need to wrap with plastic wrap because there is no bleeding. Just keep the skin breathable. The specific situation depends on your tattoo artist’s opinion.

2. Tattoos that are easy to rub on the sides and the sides of the chest are always popular, but it is more difficult for female friends who wear sports underwear and bras to maintain. Because long-term compression and friction may also affect the coloring of the tattoo, and even the knots may be accidentally pulled off when the wound heals, so the tattoo artist recommends that boys avoid fitness training in related parts, and girls are advised to wear less underwear .

3. Do not soak in hot springs Do not imagine that you are like the big guy in the gangster movie just after finishing your tattoos, soaking in the hot springs looks very powerful, you think so

Actually in the eyes of the tattoo artist

It ’s the same whether it ’s a public hot spring or a private bath. Tattooists say, “Do n’t take a bath after tattooing, especially a hot spring.” Because each tattoo is a “wound”. Before the scabs, the bacteria are pervasive and immobile. Water and towels are full of bacteria. It is recommended that after washing, apply tattoo ointment and mild lotion. The coloring and recovery will be more perfect.

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