Armband tattoos used to be a very popular type of tattoo, especially with tribal designs. These tattoos reached their peak a few years ago, but now they are slowly returning to calm. Armbands are also known as armbands abroad. The most well-known is the circular stem tattoo on the arm of NBA star McGrady. For everyone, the armband tattoo has a different symbolic meaning, because each tattoo is unique.

For women, a flower is a design that will never go out of fashion, no matter where it appears in any design anywhere. This is a very clever design. The space in the middle makes it look unique. It is a very thoughtful design. The black rose shows the woman’s elegant temperament.

In the impression of many people, the armband tattoo must be located on the big arm. In fact, this idea is wrong. You can also make your pattern appear on your forearm. The mesh design makes the solid black ring below appear less monotonous. This is a powerful tattoo design for men.

Sometimes you don’t have to imagine the design of the armband as complicated as it is. In fact, the simple style is also loved by many people. A few simple lines can form an armband pattern, which is somewhat similar to the design of geometric tattoos. Simple is gradually becoming a tattoo trend. This type of design is more suitable for thin boys or women.

It looks like a sound wave design, the circle gradually expands from the center until it becomes a stripe shape. It is also a very simple design. During the inking process, the only thing to note is that you need to maintain its accuracy. This pattern is suitable for anyone and has no limitations.

Similar to the first pattern, the empty armband design is also a flower design. Flowers are not necessarily a unique choice for women, in fact, men can also try this type of design.

The simple armband design, the lines form a symmetrical pattern, although simple, but it looks very good, more suitable for women who like small and fresh style.

There is a little totem’s design style in it. Men like this kind of design. The complicated patterns make them full of mystery and masculinity.

An armband tattoo design composed of planets, meteors, trees, mountains, etc. is a very cute design, which is more suitable for little girls who like this happy style.