04 TV fault wind series

Pietro Sedda
An Italian tattoo artist living and working in Milan.

He is The Saint Mariner
Tattoo studio owner
His tattoo style can be said to be
Unique “Sedda style”.

With a bit of surrealism
Put the image of strange dream and excellent drawing technology
And painting techniques influenced by Renaissance masters
Amazingly mixed together.

05 More brain hole series

Your hands are sunken!


Like it’s up on PS

It felt like he was thinking all the time!

This visual effect is really amazing.

It seems that the strength will be super.

I should see my tattoo and see dizziness…

Others have knowledge in their heads, and bricks in their heads? ?

What a cool skull!

After reading these works

This girl has to admire the brain holes of the tattoo artists

But my sister still has to ask:

Which one is your favorite in your heart?

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