What we thought of tattoos before
May be punctuated with flat words or patterns

But with the continuous development of tattoos
More and more craftsmen in the tattoo industry
Tattoos, whether from the technique
Or from the works presented
Qualitative fly-by

Ran goose, now the tattoo is not only about
Superb techniques and visual enjoyment
Tattooist’s brain hole
It is also a great tool to show your mind now

Some works that Ben Mei saw on the Internet
Let this sister who has read countless tattoos
Also exclaimed incredible
These works can even be summarized in one sentence:
I don’t know, I’ll just lie down!

01 “Look! He has a bottomless hole in his head!”

Through the perfect combination of perspective and shadow illusion
——Tattooist Matt Pehrson
Take the back of the bald brother
There is a black hole in the depths
Just find a good angle, illusion
It will fill the whole head with horror.

Pehrson was first among his friend Ryan
Works with hands
Psychedelic effect produced by geometric figures

02 Eye flower series

This series of works by tattoo artist Yatzil Elizalde
Just like the world seen in astigmatism.
He said: “This is a visual challenge
Try to convey a feeling through the complexity of vision. ”

The specific approach is
Use the dot painting method
Draw a few more times, creating the illusion of multiple vision and movement

These paintings are summarized in one word: halo.

03 In the brick of the cube, another world is hidden.

03 In the brick of the cube, another world is hidden.

This talented tattoo artist is Jesse Rix

Through light and shadow and perspective, to deceive the eyes of the public.
Rix uses realistic techniques to express surreal fantasy.
Bright and saturated colors, realistic bricks
The vast universe under the skin,
Undersea scenery, Galaxy team,
Strange eyes, blue-faced people and other images
Was peeled off by layers
It looks like a melee is going on.

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