The literal translation of school is “faction”, as long as you know that it is a classic style in the West. Classified by historical development, it is divided into old school and new school.

1.old school
The origin is the West. One is that the soldiers on the battlefield tattooed for fear of being unable to recognize their identity after death, and the other is that the sailor was tattooed for fear of being unable to identify their identity after the shipwreck. . All in all, it is to uniquely mark your body, so the subject matter in the school has many good wishes, such as eagle (honor), snake (not threatened), heart (kinship), anchor (stability), and so on.
The old school is mostly small pieces of tattoos, with particularly rough and uniform lines, simple color matching, retro style, and great taste. school
With the development of aesthetics, more perspective, structure, light and shade, and color have been added to the old school. The lines have a strong contrast in thickness, rich colors, and modern themes. Many anime themes are suitable for new school expressions.

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