Babies who want to make a tattoo but do n’t know what to do, your benefits are coming ~ After reading this post, you will have a certain understanding of various tattoo styles; choose a style you like and further understand, you must Know what you want!

Let me talk about the following 4 classic styles:
I. Tradition
Three realistic
Four. Totem
Why are they classic styles? Because these 4 styles of tattoos are made by most people and are the most mainstream, most of your friends or pictures you find online belong to these 4 categories.

I. Traditional style
Also called Asian tradition or Asian tattoo. According to historical development, tradition can be divided into old tradition and new tradition; according to geographical classification, it can be divided into Chinese tradition and Japanese tradition. These four styles are collectively referred to as tradition, and some places call the old tradition traditional-the old tradition is now rare.
1. Old tradition:
Earlier in Japan, tattoos were the rites and identities of triad societies, so the old tradition paid more attention to the sense of ritual; combined with earlier years, its aesthetic connotation was not so rich. The old tradition looks more rigid. For example, the scales on fish are usually neat and consistent, and the structure is relatively simple.
The old tradition is somewhat “social”. A well-made old tradition has its own unique flavor, while a poorly-made old tradition is a bit naive.

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