Geometric tattoo

Geometry is a discipline that studies the structure and properties of space. It is one of the most basic research contents in mathematics, has the same important position as analysis, algebra, etc., and has a very close relationship. Geometry has a long history and rich content. It is extremely closely related to algebra, analysis, number theory, etc. Geometrical thinking is the most important kind of thinking in mathematics. The development of each branch of temporary mathematics has a tendency to geometricalization, that is, to explore various mathematical theories with geometric views and thinking methods. Common theorems include Pythagorean theorem, Euler’s theorem, and Stuart’s theorem.

Daily Love Letter: Sometimes it ’s not that I do n’t understand, but I do n’t want to understand;

The geometric pattern is too simple? That ’s something you have n’t seen before

The geometric tattoo on the tall ~ the beauty can not be separated from the sight!

Some little knowledge about geometric figures

Geometric figures belong to the abstract expression in figures, which have concise, eye-catching and strong visual characteristics, and different geometric forms bring different visual language and psychological feelings.

Tattoo designs with geometric figures,

It looks concise, clean and refreshing.

Boys who don’t want to print a large pattern

You can try this style ~

The geometric patterns are concise and elegant,

Ingenious combination of various graphics

With rhythm and dynamic beauty ~

Note: Fractal geometry is a geometry that takes irregular geometric shapes as the research object. The research object relative to traditional geometry is integer dimension. The research object of fractal geometry is fractal dimension, such as 0.63, 1.58, 2.72. Because its research objects are ubiquitous in nature, fractal geometry is also called “natural geometry”.

Compared to the classic Euclidean geometry,
The pattern is closer to nature, rich and changeable.
Whether it is a complex or simple geometric figure,
Can make people feel
The beauty of mathematical geometry