There are still a lot of little fairies who like tattoos. Although they are more painful when they are tattooed, the effect they ask is really beautiful, so many girls need to tattoo even if they are painful. Resolve, of course, to choose a good picture, after all, you have to spend a lifetime on yourself, so be careful!

Color tattoos are more popular nowadays. After all, black is nothing new. Most of these tattoos are colored. Is it more beautiful than monotone black? Especially the whale and the four-color heart shape, it still feels pretty, giving a small and fresh feeling!

The small tattoo on this picture also feels more beautiful in color. Especially the whale feels very suitable for summer patterns. The blue color will give a cooler feeling. Good, but if you like to exaggerate a little, you can tattoo this sheep’s head, you can tattoo it into color, and the color is more beautiful!

In this group, the baby elephant and the red flower at the bottom are more prominent. After all, it is normal for girls to have flowers, but the remaining ones do not have enough personality, so the red flowers are more prominent. Elephant feeling is also very personal, and there is a crooked moon on the head of the baby elephant. At first glance, the girl’s pattern is more beautiful, if the color is more beautiful!

I feel that the wrong number of the blue gradient in this group is really quite greasy, and this one is still more skin-selective. Only the girls with fair skin will look more beautiful on the lines. If the skin is not white enough, it should be on the lines. There is no such good effect, if you like it, you can try it on the effect! What do you like?