James is not only the first person in the NBA league, but his life off the court is also worth learning. Although he has achieved success, he is a good man with a strong relationship. However, his only flaw is tattoos. James has many tattoos. Sometimes We may not know it, but in fact James is one of the most tattooed teams in the NBA. It is said that James was originally tattooed because of “inferiority”. As a black man, he was often discriminated against, so he wanted tattoos to cover up these things. , Of course, with James ’current status, he does n’t care about these things at all.



In the 16th Finals Cavaliers Championship Parade, JR’s tattoos made people think he was wearing clothes. JR’s tattoos looked like a piece of clothing. Even President Barack Obama asked JR to wear clothes at that time. The dense tattoos on his body even scare those with intensive phobia. From the neck down, almost all the body is covered with tattoos. There is no place for tattoos on JR now, unless they are tattooed on the face.


Matt Barnes

Barnes is one of the notorious villains in the NBA. He has collided with many NBA superstars. Perhaps the most impressive thing is that he wants to smash Kobe with the ball. Kobe’s unmoved shot, Barnes is on the court. It can be said that no one is convinced. Also, he has the most tattoos on the NBA team, and there are even too many places to continue tattooing. He also tattoos his loved ones on the body. In short, Barnes’s tattoos are indeed dazzled.


Birdman Anderson

Regarding the tattoos of NBA stars, I believe that the first thing many people think of is the birdman Anderson. He put a bird tattoo on his body. And as a white player, the tattoo on Anderson is very obvious and bright, so his tattoos let fans Remember, when he was in the Heat, in addition to the Big Three, perhaps he was the most concerned player.



Ingram is currently 22 years old, but he is already covered with tattoos, and more and more dense, he was hailed as Durant’s successor, but the third season has not yet played out, he seems to I did n’t try to improve myself, but focused on what kind of tattoos should be tattooed on my body. Maybe the tattoos can cover some of his absences, but it ca n’t hide his performance on the court. At a young age, he becomes the player with the most tattoos in the NBA. One, maybe Ingram should really spend more time to improve his strength