Unlike the photo sketch of the Turkish tattoo artist PigmentNinja that this sister introduced before, Keith pays more attention to the description of the details

▲PigmentNinja works

▲Keith works
Keith’s works can restore the shape of things to a large extent, highlighting many details, expressions, gestures and lines, which are indispensable.

Although there are only two colors of black and gray, he can also draw with light or dark, dark or light points and lines

Portrait tattoos should be arguably one of the hardest areas of all tattoo designs

Even if you are a very senior tattoo master, if you are not a master in this field or do not practice much, you may ruin the face you want at the end of the eye.

But Keith can always master these skills very well, and there is no sign of rustiness in his works.

Because of his excellent skills, he was named the top tattoo artist in New York, USA by the well-known tattoo magazine Inked Magazine

If you want to record family portraits in addition to photo sketches
There are also black and gray portraits to choose from. The last question is: Which style do you like more, such as photo sketches and black and gray portraits?


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