Men have fierce beast flower arms to show masculinity, women come to a shoulder flower to show sexy charm, sexy is not voluptuous, beautiful but not hot, short text, but also your personality and secret sexy!

The flower tattoo design on the shoulder adopts the traditional flower pattern design technique, with a strong retro flavor. Flowers are the most popular choice of shoulder patterns, and are regarded as the most feminine tattoo symbols.

The shoulder is a good tattoo part, but many people are not very clear, because the ink on the shoulder alone is not common in traditional Chinese tattoos. The shoulder tattoo looks very fulfilling, especially for girls, it has a strong aesthetic charm. You can embody any idea you want, because the position of the shoulder can provide you with enough space and good regional form to create different types and sizes of tattoos. Although girl shoulder tattoos are rare, they are one of the best representatives of fashion and beauty.

The tattoo design that extends from the collarbone to the shoulder, English sentences written in feathers and flying seagulls are the most popular pattern design styles in the last century.

The placement of tattoos often has traditional masculine or feminine connotations. For example, you rarely see a man with a separate tattoo on his back waist, so the position of the ink is crucial. In contrast, compared with men, we think shoulder tattoos are more suitable for women, and it can well show women’s elegant temperament and fashionable and beautiful style.

Although the two shoulders are the same, in terms of position selection, more girls will choose to ink on the left shoulder, which also shows that the left shoulder tattoo conforms to the aesthetic concept of most people. The picture shows a tattoo with Roman numerals. The above may be the birth date of the tattoo person or a certain anniversary.

Male shoulder tattoos often occupy a large area, generally extending from the shoulder to the arm or chest, but the shoulder tattoo of the girl usually only spreads on the shoulder to a small extent, which is not so exaggerated. It should be noted that the pain in the shoulder area ink is slightly stronger than other parts, and you must maintain a good mood when you are inking.

The black flower design on the right shoulder. When you choose a low shoulder gown, your tattoo design can be well displayed in front of other people’s eyes. It is also very easy to hide.

In the choice of patterns, generally feminine tattoos are the main pattern design, most of which are very simple. Among them, flowers and English text are the most common. Some people will choose some meaningful tattoo designs, while some people only consider the beauty and fashion of the tattoo designs, so what kind of design you want depends on your inner thoughts. Of course, you can have both.

I have to say that flowers are indeed girls’ favorite tattoo designs, it can show your elegant side while adding your temperament.