Tattoos can be understood as painting on the skin. With the division of painting types, tattoo artists have improved their technology and tools have become more advanced. Tattoos have also appeared more refined processing methods, which are similar to three-dimensional real-realistic style .

Realism, as the name implies, refers to the straightforward writing of things, the truthful depiction of things, or the realistic depiction of objects, and to achieve a state that is basically consistent with the object. And realistic tattoos in this style are similar to paintings on the skin surface.

Realistic painting belongs to figurative art in terms of artistic form, and is an expression technique of painting. The artist reproduces the external objects by observing and tracing the external objects, experiencing his own feelings and understanding. This kind of artwork conforms to the viewer’s visual experience and provides the viewer with aesthetic pleasure. Realistic painting originated from the West and has a long history and deep tradition. Realistic paintings have grown during the “Renaissance” period in Europe. After 500 years of glory, they have produced many masters, masters, and monumental masterpieces in art history.

European and American tattoos focus on realism, and the freedom of patterns is wider. The characteristic of European and American tattoo designs is that they are not binding. Skulls, beauties, Jesus Satan, vampires, hexagrams, etc., any combination is unlimited.

3D tattoo

The realistic style and the 3D style can be described as similar, and in some places, the realistic style with shadow is also called the 3D tattoo. Because it continues the realistic technique, and the theme is mostly to use elements such as machinery and tentacles to create a layered layer and a sense of space. 3D style refers to the use of realistic techniques to create a sense of space in length, width and height. This style is a great test of the tattoo artist’s artistic skills, as well as portrait-style tattoos.

Portrait tattoo

Of course, a portrait tattoo will tattoo a person’s “image”, and “image” is different from other totems and words. It will make the commemorative meaning more specific in the image and more realistic. The main use of light and shadow expression, through the expression of Western painting, to pursue the shape and the ultimate details.

The technical characteristics required for the characterization of the characters give the tattoos more technical requirements. Tattoo masters need to have deeper skills and ability to grasp the type. It is a relatively high level in tattoo technology.

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