It is undeniable that the lion is an important symbol of ferocity, conveying courage, strength, pride and royalty in many other characteristics. When you consider evil cool tattoo ideas, please continue reading different cultural perspectives to understand the meaning and symbolic meaning of lions.

In Egypt, two lions displayed together (back-to-back) symbolizing the meeting of the East and the West; sunrise and sunset. This is a cyclical theme that reminds us of the shrinking and weakening of all life. Also in Egypt and Babylon, Assyria, Chinese and Japanese lion elephants erected in front of temples and holy sites. This is an attribute of the protective nature of lions. There is a guardianship theme in various expression arts, including lion tattoo symbolism.

Lion and love are related to a masculine love with strong sexual desire, which is related to passionate gods. The lion is a symbol of God because it has a luxurious body and provides visual icons for the concept of power and justice. Aslan in “The Legend of Narnia” is a spiritual deity. In the symbol and seal of the “Jewish lion” known as the tribe of Judah, the lion symbolized Christ. Lion tattoo Buddhist thought: Both Buddha and Krishna are likened to lions because of their radiant energy, golden aura, and their safety / wisdom / knowledge at a higher spiritual level. Lions are solar animals, which means that their tattoos will symbolize the quality of the sun.

The lion is the zodiac (animal) representing the sign of Leo in astrology. It is ruled by the sun (more sun animal symbols apply here). This is the fifth sign of the zodiac, it brings adventure, high energy. In a balanced and just way, smart, smart, energetic and savvy, the leader of nature was born under the sign of Leo. The red lion symbolizes sulfur, which is a male principle and all its self-confidence. The green lion in alchemy represents the beginning of alchemy and the quality of women (the same is true of the moon). Two lions tattooed in alchemy light can represent a harmonious relationship between male and female. Two lion tattoos may also represent the duality of Mercury (symbolizing the unity of mercury and opposition).

Chinese symbolist lion tattoo ideas: protection, guardianship, luck, strength and expediency of strength. The lion is depicted as a sphere, symbolizing the celestial relationship between the earth and the sun and the interaction between the duality of life and nature. The lion is decorated with certain flowers, symbolizing the balance between fragility and strength, and the recognition of female wisdom.

I hope you enjoy these insights about the meaning of lions and lion tattoo ideas. Check out more articles about animal tattoos and learn about other articles about lion symbols and more. As always, thank you for reading.