The sexiest ~~ the most domineering neck tattoo
Below the head, above the chest, neck tattoo, dare to try?
Can you hold the tattoo in this position?

Tattoos on the neck do not take a small and fresh route. Cool tattoos are king. Generally speaking, people who choose neck tattoos are veterans who have experienced several tattoos. Location, a sour experience to cut the throat!

It is said that this is one of the most painful tattoos, and also the slowest recovery, because we have to pull the skin of this part every day. The neck is exposed. If you have a neck, you don’t plan to cover it.

Usually people with tattoos on their necks are already covered with tattoos. The position of the neck is reserved for the last few tattoos.

People who have tattooed on their necks will give people a feeling of being difficult to approach, and feel too domineering. Although they give people a sense of distance, it does not mean that they are bad people, they just express themselves more loyally with tattoos.