All the same as my sister
It ’s the traditional brain powder of European and American styles.
Traditional tattoos in Europe and America are usually divided into
two styles: old school and new school

As tattoos are more and more known to the public
Many white tattoos are also attracted by traditional European and American styles
Yesterday, there was a little cute message asking:
What is the difference between old school and new school?

Because the two styles are too similar
Many whites who just entered the pit cannot be clearly distinguished
Today, I deliberately explain
What is the difference between old school and new school
Knock on the blackboard! Focus!

To understand the difference between the two
First, understand the origins of European and American traditional styles
At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century
A large part of the American tattoo market
From the army, especially the navy

At that time, 60% of sailors and 20% of soldiers were tattooed
There are many reasons for this
Tattoos on sailors and soldiers
There are several reasons:
Demonstrate your achievements and miss your family
(As many tattoos as there are enemies killed)
the most important is:
Recognize dead bodies with tattoos after death

In the fertile soil of the above environment
Tattoos began to spread in the army
So, it is derived from the present
European and American traditional styles still occupying a strong position in the tattoo industry

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