How to choose the right tattoo size?

As a tattoo practitioner, Xiao Mo often encounters many junior tattoo enthusiasts in his daily work. These enthusiasts often do not have a specific concept of tattoos, they only know that they want a tattoo, but they lack ideas about some elements necessary for tattoos such as elements, style, size, etc. Today we are going to discuss the issue of tattoo size.
Usually, the tattoo artist will ask the customer, “How big is the tattoo you want?” The most common answers we hear are “smaller”, “smaller is fine”, “don’t be too big” …

These answers are actually not considered carefully. The reasons why guests want to be smaller are generally two points:
1: afraid of pain
2: Don’t want to be too obvious
And “smaller” seems to solve the problem.
But is it really important that “pain” and “will it be too obvious”?
Considering the eternal nature of tattoos, in fact, our core questions will always be only two:
Whether it makes sense
2. Is it beautiful
Our real purpose is to make this tattoo look good. “Small or big” is a superficial issue. The fundamental question you have to consider is: How big is my tattoo, which is the most suitable and best looking?

I suggest that after the pattern is determined, you first think about this issue yourself.
Instead of (like some people) throwing the question to the tattoo artist and at the same time “don’t know if I should trust ta’s advice”

You need to consider the following 4 points:
1. The size of the tattoo must match the style
2. The size of the tattoo must match the complexity of the pattern
3. The size of the tattoo must fit the body shape
4. Consider scalability

1. The size of the tattoo must match the style
In general, the appropriate size for each style is this:
Large area (flower arm flower chest or full back, etc.): old and new tradition / black and gray color realistic / totem
Large area (A4 size): Chicano / Japanese traditional / complex school
Medium area (slap size): oldschool / simpler newschool
Small area (5 * 5): oldschool / geometry / stabbing / Chinese / English / fresh
Super small (3 * 3 or below): single line / small fresh

If you are not sure about the style, please understand the current tattoo style classification.
Classmates can be seated roughly according to their favorite style.

For example, if you like sketch style, then you have to know: “Sketch is generally suitable for large or oversized drawings, but I only want small tattoos of 5 * 5 or below. Maybe the sketch style is not suitable, maybe I can consider Use small fresh style instead. ”
Each style can actually make pictures of different sizes (exceptional chestnuts must be found). My example above is just “This style is generally correct for this size”, in order to give everyone a little idea.
If you have any specific questions, please leave me a message.
Just give an example: It is normal to make this area in traditional style, and you can only make a small cherry blossom with a small wave.

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