Japanese geisha is one of the most controversial cultural elements in Japanese culture. Similarly, the tattoo patterns of Japanese geishas are often regarded as signs of unscrupulous women. However, in fact, this Japanese geisha tattoo refers not only to prostitutes, it is also a symbol of female sexiness and charm. In Japan, both men and women will have this Japanese geisha tattoo pattern, and most Japanese geisha tattoos are large area tattoo patterns with fine details. So what is the meaning of a geisha tattoo?

Geishas in Japan are actually pretty. They have been training how to please men since they were young. Japanese geishas are neatly dressed, elegant, good at singing and dancing, good at communication, and are a good listener. In essence, Japanese geishas are actually perfect partners, but their reputation determines their unbearable social status. Because they are toys shared by men, they are forbidden to get married.

In addition to the above talents, Japanese geishas also need to understand politics and history, and be able to talk to the guests. It is these geisha talents that made geisha tattoos popular among women from all walks of life.

Japanese geisha is the perfect symbol of femininity, and is the epitome of the ideal partner that every man will desire. This gives the Geisha tattoo another meaning. Geisha tattoos often symbolize tenderness, beauty, wisdom and female power. Geishas are known for their Japanese tea ceremony and other cultural functions. Colorful geisha tattoos often wear bright red kimonos to complement their graceful posture.

Geisha tattoos have been circulating for so long, and they have different developments in China and the West. We like this kind of beautiful things and start to explore the inner meaning of geisha tattoos. This kind of moral can be learned from the profession of geisha itself. Although geisha is a representative of “artist”, in Japan, the status of geisha is not very high. Many excellent and beautiful women are engaged in this job, and they can only get very little salary, and they are not too high. Respect. Therefore, we can imagine that geishas represent such a group of women, they are very talented, but this talent can only be used for performances, various geisha patterns, more and more show their lost geisha pitch And luxury dressed in gorgeous and expensive kimono. Not a place where a strand of hair comes out, white face makeup is perfect. Their manners are not only impeccable, but delicate and calm, maintaining the ideal of feminine beauty.

In modern Japan, geisha has been transformed into a symbol of traditional values. In the west, it has become a symbol of the oriental elegance and beauty of geisha. In the design of this tattoo, the wind has blown her kimono and set some pieces of paper loose, maybe a bundle from her arm close to her. The wind also loosened some petals of the cherry blossoms and began to swirl past her. They echo the design of her kimono cherry blossom in the lower part, while the upper part uses chrysanthemum. Japanese art and Japanese commonly used in two kinds of flowers

The unique charm of tattoos is eternity. It will not disappear or be forgotten like any culture. As long as there are people, as long as there are ideas and wishes, tattoos will always be a special way of expressing myself. Geisha tattoo is a relatively common type of tattoo in Japan, but we know that any kind of tattoo material has her unique meaning

It ’s over when you see this. Do n’t you understand the meaning of geisha tattoo after reading it?