Tattoo culture is becoming more and more popular. In addition to the many younger brothers with tattooed arms and full backs in tattoo shops, there are many cute and cool young ladies and sisters who tattoo various styles of tattoos.

But as girls, they are born with more or less choice difficulties. They decided to get a tattoo, but they did n’t think about what pattern or part of the pattern ~

Today, the editor specially recommends to the young ladies and sisters. To summarize, the tattooed girls have more positions and patterns ~

These are basically these parts, ankles, fingers, waist, clavicle, inner side of the arm, these places are the most suitable for the small fresh style patterns of the literary and art fan we mentioned earlier, all are small pictures, such as letters, cherry blossoms, geometric Graphics, small animals, small totems, etc.

Occasionally appear during the summer and autumn seasons, a small tattoo to decorate yourself, especially beautiful.

Of course, there are also many young ladies who are pursuing sex appeal, and the patterns are in private places, only for themselves or those they like, such as chest, side waist, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, near the groin, etc., which are quite tempting They are all small fresh style tattoos of literary and artistic children.

If you are more bold and open, of course you can also make small flower arms, small flower legs, even full flower arms, full chest and full back, it is more sexy, and the eye-catching rate is 100%

AFTERNOON big flower arm, full leg

Girls who make large-scale tattoos are definitely not the same as men. The editor recommends that the pattern choices of girls should be related to your external temperament, preferences and want to express meaning

Each tattoo style has its own charm, so I want to say that the large pattern of flower arms and full backs takes a long time and requires great patience, so the girl who is afraid of pain must think twice. Don’t give up halfway.

Of course, once you overcome the pain in the tattoo process, a blooming tattoo will make you have more charm and life experience, sexy, mysterious, and yet soft. Now many boys see the girl with a flower arm, and they are instantly “feeling heart”, which is very cool ~

Of course, different people have different tattoo options. If you are a freelancer or an art practitioner, you can boldly put a flower arm, flower leg, full chest, full back to advertise your personality charm.

If your job position is relatively conservative, think twice. Do n’t stray randomly. We promote healthy and happy tattoos. Tattoos are not a necessity. Do n’t let tattoos affect our lives and work. We can choose smaller patterns in relatively stable places, which is also great ~