If you walk on the street, what will you think of when you see a person with a tattoo on your back? If it ’s a sister, then the first thought is not how handsome the tattoo is, but really TM rich … it ’s just walking money! !

In general, those who dare to do full back tattoos must have “courage” and great “love” for tattoos in addition to the hard conditions such as “wealth.” Otherwise, you may have already finished cutting the thread. Start regretting your decision!

Because the tattoo area is large, the audience is relatively small. Although the audience is relatively small, it does not mean that there is no market. There are a group of die-hard fans with full back tattoos.

It must be said that the full back tattoo does have its unique charm. The full back of the boys, it looks powerful and majestic. The back tattoo is not small and fresh, I do n’t like it, it can cover a large area, it still needs to be in place at once.)

The theme is that the soul of a tattoo is full. The tattoo has a good soul. So, this tattoo has been successful for more than half.

The back has enough creative space because the area is large enough to do some complex creations to meet your desire for tattoos

Whether it is the European and American schoo style, which is rich in color, or the surreal realistic style, or the traditional Japanese full-back tattoo full of ceremonies, you will not be disappointed!

The back is not used for other parts. It is a flat area. Back tattoos are generally divided into several forms: upper back, spine, waist, etc. So when you are ready to start work on the back, first determine the location of the tattoo.

The back is one of the few large “canvases” on the body. If you can’t accept the pattern to cover the entire canvas, this girl advises you not to have a back tattoo for the time being.

Because the back, arms, legs and other parts can be stitched together from different periods of tattoos, the whole pattern is important. The overall pattern is also an important part of a complete tattoo theme!

If the size of the back is not large or small, this will not only make your tattoo look empty but also cause trouble for the subsequent back tattoo (after all, the idea of each period is different, no one can guarantee that it will not be in the future Do a full back tattoo)

Having a back tattoo is not an easy task. Because of the large size of the subject and the complexity of the pattern, this part of the tattoo can not be done at one time. Therefore, good time to communicate with the tattoo artist is also an important part of the full back tattoo.

Furthermore, you must make sure that you are really in love with tattoos, otherwise you may do a tattoo deserter before the next production! ! Then I watched the tattoos that were cut or not cut for life … Dare to show people …

Pain is inevitable, but the muscles in this part will play a certain buffering role to a certain extent, which can reduce the pain of the tattoo, but there will still be pain near the spine. Even if it hurts, it is necessary to stick to it.

Think about Nirvana’s rebirth after being born again, and think about the masterpiece after the tattoo to marvel the world.

Tattooing is not an impulse from beginning to end. Tattooing is not cheap, it can be said to be an investment in life!