Tattoo designs that are more suitable for girls are all kinds of flowers: peonies represent wealth; roses represent love and romance; plum blossoms represent fearlessness; lotus flowers represent innocence; narcissus represents nobleness … because the girl itself is beautiful Yes, the makeup with flowers is even more beautiful.
Each different flower tattoo design represents a different meaning, not only bright colors, but also a variety of shapes.

Big prime flower tattoo, beautiful without color

According to legend, a beautiful maid next to the Queen Mother and the Lady saw the man and woman weaving in the world and was very yearning. So she moved her heart and stolen the Tiangong to the West Lake in the company of the daughter of the God of the River. Later, after being known by the Queen Mother, she was beaten into the mud, and she would never be able to climb into the sky again.This means that the lotus symbolizes the noble beauty.

The other side’s flower language is passion, independence, goodbye, sad memories, I just miss you and look forward to the day of goodbye. Of course, there is also a poignant love story, the other shore flower combined with the tattoo artist’s creativity is painted into a variety of beautiful and sad patterns, different moods express different moods and views.

Regarding the legend of the other shore flower, one is about the gentleness of the devil. It is said that the flower of the hell is voluntarily thrown into the hell. All the devil let it go back, but it still wanders on the road of Huangquan. The soul in the sun is a consolation; the second legend has a close connection with the first, saying that when people died on Huangquan Road, large flowers on the other side were blooming, which looked like blood carpets, and the flowers were called red. For the road to fire.

And the meaning of the other side flower tattoo is exactly the same. Its fiery red color represents enthusiasm and independence, but on the Huangquan Road represents sad memory, or when we look forward to our reunion. And another meaning is that a person hopes that his love will never be disillusioned like the other shore flower!


Rose language In ancient Greek mythology, roses are a collection of love and beauty. They are both the embodiment of the god of beauty and the blood of the god of love. Worldwide, roses are the universal language used to express love. Every Valentine’s Day, roses are doubled in value and are pets between lovers and couples. Roses represent love, and roses of different colors and number of flowers are also auspicious.

Love is diverse, and the ways of expressing love are diverse, and tattoos are one of them. There are many patterns of love tattoos. Now let’s say an abstract rose tattoo.

Roses are also known as thorn roses, hovering flowers, assassins, and heart-through roses.This pattern is based on the shape of the rose and adds a new abstract technique to give people more imagination and yearning.

The flower language of Gardenia is “eternal love and agreement”. Very beautiful sustenance. The main reason is that the flower buds begin to grow in winter, and will not bloom until the summer solstice. The longer the bud period, the longer the Qingfen; the leaves of the gardenia tree are also green in the wind, frost, snow and rain. So, although it seemed to bloom inadvertently, it also experienced a long-term effort and persistence. Perhaps the growth habit such as gardenia is more in line with this flower language. Not only is the gift of love, but the plain, long-lasting, warm and refined appearance contains beautiful, tough and mellow life essence.