Mermaid tattoo
According to legend, the mermaid is based on the waist, the upper body is a beautiful woman, and the lower body is a beautiful fish tail covered with scales. The entire body is both tempting and easy to escape quickly. They have no soul and are as ruthless as the sea; their voices are usually deceptive like their appearance; they have multiple characteristics of temptation, vanity, beauty, cruelty and desperate love. There are movies, cartoons, songs, etc. under this name. It is generally believed that the biological prototype of the mermaid is dugong or manatee. Mermaid is a symbol of beauty, kindness and wisdom, so many people like mermaid tattoos.

About the mermaid, I know two sad songs
It was still Andersen ’s “Daughter of the Sea”
The Little Mermaid is willing to exchange singing songs for a pair of legs that can walk ashore, only to see the prince.
But every step she took was as painful as a knife cut.
So she was dumb, unable to tell the prince that he was the one who saved him, and watched the prince marry the princess of the neighboring country.
The sisters exchanged their hair for a knife that could save themselves, and as long as they killed the prince, they could return to the ocean.
It is unwilling to kill someone you love.
Eventually, he jumped into the ocean, the sun rose, and colorful foam flashed on the waves.

A poignant short film-“The Muse”
After reading it, I was very sad.
Fall in love with the beauty I should not love, in order to keep you, I imprison you beside me.
My longing, my desperation, and my possession have buried you.
Watching you suffocate in front of me, I sink into pain all my life.

I scoured the northern shores for you.

I plunged deep oceans.

I searched the earth.

I climbed mountains for a clearer view.

And then…

I found you.

You are everything.

I was as much as your prisoner as you were mine.

Legend has it that if a human man falls in love…

With a mermaid.

She will grow legs.

Leg will if so she desires,

Carry her far, far away.

From the very man she cast her watery spellupon.

But… I ask you this:

What becomes the human man?

What becomes him?

When has spell remains but she has gone.

—— END ——

Let’s hold our breath

Let’s dive into the sea together and experience the fun of free diving

Everyone can dive