The symbolic meaning of good luck, long life, it is just a small step, and fertility. Spanning the first century into Western culture, bat tattoos and even old Pliny, Roman natural historians recognized the blood bat, the woman under the pillow, as an aphrodisiac. Perhaps one of the most popular positive bat tattoo symbols, however, this is Chinese Wufu, or 5 bats. In this symbol, sometimes the fifth bat or bat around, circulates five bats around a stylized symbol for longevity. In both cases, five bats represent five happiness: wealth, long life, peace, virtue cultivation (sometimes healthy), and a good death. In a symbolic step, Chinese bats (or simple characters of Fu) are sometimes placed upside down. The facts derived from this direction, upside down and up to the same tone, in China (DAO), such as bat upside down, means good luck has arrived. In our example, the bright red, playful bats (inverted) cover the bold red symbol of wealth against the gray cloud. Gods wishing good luck are watching.

Animals with actual physical and behavioral characteristics-imposing eagles, for example, or the symbolic meaning of animal tattoos for owl hunting at night often draw the afterlife of a soul that is also almost entirely conductor. However, sometimes the meaning of a tattoo symbol has a more unexpected and accidental origin, in the case of Chinese bats. In China, the character of a bat is blessing. In a delightful coincidence, the character of good luck is also blessed. Therefore, in the Far East, bats are a symbol of good luck, but active associations have not stopped there. In the good wishes of the message, bats are sometimes accompanied by longevity characters. However, in this case, it is an attribute of the creature that gives extra meaning because the bat lives in a cave, this cave passage is a fairy realm