The elephant is an animal we are very familiar with, and it is the largest animal in the animal world. Elephants are gentle-minded, family-oriented, and often walk in groups on the African savannah. Elephants play an important role in traditional culture. Elephants mean good luck. Although elephants are not the most mainstream tattoo theme, elephant tattoos are also loved by some tattoo lovers.

The status of elephants in Thailand is extremely high. Elephants are often seen in the lives of Thai people. Thai folk legends, literary works, and some literary proverbs are inextricably linked to elephants. Elephants are also a means of transportation in Thailand and can help them with many tasks that humans can’t do.

This is an elephant tattoo showing an elephant pattern. There is a myth about the elephant god, Shiva’s wife Parvati, the daughter of the Himalayas. After Shiva killed his son, he saved his son with a elephant head and later became a elephant god. The elephant god is the symbol of the god of wealth.

In previous palaces, elephants were their symbol, symbolizing wealth and honor. In ancient Chinese battlefields, war horses were a kind of mounts that could help soldiers to kill enemies on the sand field; but in Thailand’s battlefields, the elephants have done their best for them. Don’t look at the huge elephants, but their sharp ivory A weapon that acts as a deterrent to the enemy.

This is an elephant tattoo pattern of elephants walking collectively. There have been several collective migrations of elephants in history. Major items mainly live on the grasslands and are vegetarians. As the ecological environment continues to deteriorate, the space for their living is shrinking, and they have to migrate as a whole to a place suitable for them to live. Now that the herd of elephants is declining, the world is calling for the protection of the ecological environment and don’t let human friends go extinct.

This elephant tattoo is very cute, with the fingers as the elephant’s nose, vividly showing the flexibility and hugeness of the elephant’s nose.

This tattoo design makes the elephant’s character very vivid. Elephants usually carry their children with them in daily life to prevent them from being persecuted by other animals.

This is a painted elephant tattoo, which paints the elephant’s body very brightly, with a distinctive modern tattoo style.

On cartoon TV, the elephant is very lively, can sing and dance, and is a full-fledged little puck.