According to legend, there are 7 dragon balls scattered in the world, each with one to seven five-pointed star marks. Collecting 7 dragon balls to read a spell can call out the dragon and make a wish to it.

There are many dragons in the seven dragon balls, and the dragons on the earth are the earliest dragons in dragon balls, so everyone must be very impressed with this dragon.

At the Beijing meeting, Quan Zhilong danced too much when he danced solo. The clothes slid down the left shoulder to reveal the dragon ball tattoo. Fans who like Quan Zhilong, should they also consider tattooing a dragon ball tattoo, maybe they can summon the dragon to make a wish. .

“Dragon Ball” is the first work in the Dragon Ball series, based on the comic book of the same name by the famous Japanese cartoonist Toriyama, and was first broadcast on Fuji TV in 1986. In 1986, Toei Animation changed the early comics into an animation, and the Dragon Ball series TV animation was born. Sun Wukong, a young boy who lives alone in the deep mountains, met Bulma, a young girl scientist who collected Dragon Balls. Bulma took Wu Kong on a journey to find Dragon Balls in order to obtain the four-star Dragon Balls owned by Wukong.

Sun Wukong, whose real name is Kakarot, the actor of this anime, was adopted by the martial artist Sun Wufan from an early age. When he was young, Wukong was really shining and lovable.
However, as a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta of the fighting nation, when fighting seriously, it is still very manly.

For a boy with a more outgoing personality, maybe this tattoo on his arm, transformed into a super Saiyan Sun Wukong, may be more popular with everyone.

Devil Buu, the villain in “Dragon Ball”, the pink and cute image is very suitable for anime tattoos selected by girls who like tattoos.

Fat Buu, who loves desserts, is both right and evil. Just like everyone plays different roles in different environments, and live free and easy in the present.

The thin Buu tattooed on the arm exists for a short time, symbolizing the evil nature of the evil devil Buu.

Goku: The real protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, born in Saiyan on the planet Vegeta.

Bulma Brives, the daughter of the chairman of Universal Capsule Company, a genius for making electronic instruments. She is the inventor of Dragon Ball Radar (an instrument for locating Dragon Ball) and the second character in Dragon Ball.

Vegeta: A saiyan prince with a high self-esteem, was killed by Frieza at Namex.

The Big Demon King is the devil who pushed the whole world to the edge of terror. It is the evil avatar of the fairy. He was killed by Sun Wukong and left the last trump card before his death.

The villain in the devil Buu anime, the devil Buu has unlimited regeneration ability, as long as there is one cell that has not been destroyed, it can be regenerated; it can also absorb others and become part of its own body.