In tattoos, we often use zodiac signs as the material for tattoo designs, which correspond to rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs. Very importantly, the zodiac is not only a rotation that records time, it is also a numerology that a person is given from birth. The Chinese zodiac comes from the ancient people’s worship and belief in totems. In addition to embodying the spiritual symbol, the twelve Chinese zodiac also occupies a very important position in the production of our lives.

We can have many choices about tattoos. Various styles always dazzle us, but some tattoos avoid our entanglement. Just like the zodiac tattoo, anyone can choose it as a tattoo without conflict We can integrate our birth years into it, or match them with the zodiac signs of our wives and children. Just like tattoos, the zodiac signs are with us throughout our lives.



The mouse is a strange little animal. On the one hand, they are pests and are disgusted by humans. In India, traditional rats are regarded as Ganesha, and under special conditions, certain phenomena will be regarded as reincarnation of Hindu saints. It is one of the zodiac signs in China. People born in the year of the rat will possess the excellent qualities of the mouse such as intelligence, creativity, generosity, ambition and honesty.


The bull ranks second in the Chinese zodiac and is a symbol of strength and courage. Niu’s courage is the courage of “seeing death as if he is home”, and he is a perseverance who is desperate to ignore everything and achieve his goal!

The meaning of the bull tattoo design is very rich: strength, bravery, perseverance, determination, stability, reliability, endurance, wealth, etc., these advantages are all in one. In many cultural fields, the bull also has the symbolic meaning of protection and guarding. The bull tattoo is a symbol of amulets.


There is a saying that “the figure is a tiger’s head, the wealth is not worrying”. This is a kind of affirmation to tigers. Since ancient times, it has been said that tigers are kings of beasts, and the king is respected and rich. The tiger is the king of the mountains, the king of the beasts. People love tigers and fear them. Therefore, people also regard tigers as fierce and brutal animals. They aim at the target and wait for the opportunity. They are stable and extremely brave. They are also a symbol of courage and wisdom.


Rabbit, a very cute little animal, is also one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Among tattoos, many tattoo lovers love rabbits, perhaps because they belong to rabbits, perhaps because they are cute, and of course because rabbit tattoos can be a lot of creativity.

Not much to say about the external appearance of the rabbit tattoo, it is cute and beautiful, so what cultural meaning does the rabbit tattoo have?

There is an old Chinese saying called “Cunning Rabbit Three Caves” which means that rabbits are smart, and they are very good at protecting themselves. In many folklore and mythology in ancient China, the rabbit is always a clever and intelligent character. In countries such as Japan and Russia, there are also many beautiful legends related to rabbits.

Therefore, the rabbit tattoo implies purity and beauty and cleverness and agility. As the saying goes, moving like a rabbit is exactly what this means.

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