Summer is coming! It’s time, ladies and sisters, to show our beautiful skin and long legs?

So, I would like to ask the young ladies and sisters who have tattoos? Or can you accept tattoos? Is it as troublesome as I am to want to tattoo but not dare to tattoo?

Every time I see those young ladies with tattoos, they always feel so amazing, cool, and good

personality! I don’t know what you think

The most popular genre in the tattoo industry recently is undoubtedly Chinese style

Chinese style ink painting school:

This is one of the most genres with Chinese characteristics. The pure ink and color palette, the unique Chinese landscape and freehand pictures, the upper body of the tattooed people all have a sense of old-fashioned, old-fashioned and stylish! The simple ink color is not public, and it also brings an oriental mystery!

Chinese calligraphy flow:

Chinese characters are extensive and profound, and calligraphy as a charm of words is endless! Running script, official script, cursive script, etc., and a good calligraphy gives people a viewing effect that is definitely not worse than a pair of paintings. All! The tattooed upper body mad grass can make you look bold, and the book can make you free and easy …

Chinese wind flower and bird flow:

Flower and bird flow (not just flower and bird) should be the most common genre of the moment! This is a representative of the color flow of Chinese style. Different colors are used to construct a specific thing, such as paper fan, jade pendant, pendant, lantern, flower and bird.

China Wind Logistics:

Most boys in this genre prefer it! Everyone lives with a superhero, and many people will show it as a tattoo. There are mythical characters, great men, idols, rare birds and animals! Many tattoo lovers at home and abroad like to tattoo a character they like on their body, maybe they want to be like him on a tattoo!

Surprise does not surprise, accident does not surprise! Stunning is not amazing? Do you want one?

So I decided to tattoo a piglet page!