1. Smart people keep cats

Keeping cats makes people smart, or smart people keep cats. I can’t understand the cause and effect.

Carr University of the United States once did a study that cat owners performed better in the intelligence test and were able to obtain higher scores.

2. Cat owners are more understanding and more tolerant of dissent

According to the survey, children who have been in contact with cats since they were young are more able to interpret other people’s emotions and feelings, as well as understand how their behavior will affect others.

A Swiss study also pointed out that human cats are actually equivalent to talking about feelings.

Keeping cats can really cultivate a person’s ability to sympathize with others and to see and see. After all, in the process of serving the cat master, you must always know whether the master is hungry or shit!

3. Cat owners are more likely to feel happy

From the survey of what styles of text people use on social networking sites to find out, the most common emotions felt by cat owners are “tired,” “happy,” and “like.”

“Shoveling shit is very tired and happy”-this is the feeling of the majority of cat owners.

Cat owners tend to be more tolerant of unsatisfactory things in life, so mood swings are lighter, easier to satisfy, and less angry.

Cat owners are more open-minded, they can accept different ideas, and they will not follow the rules of doing things.

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