Black arm is coming! All the arms are free! The super cool black arm that carries the coolness to the end ~ Covers the black history in all directions, and the aura bursts into the sky!

“The boyfriend ’s big arm has a big tattoo
I don’t like it very much now
But there is no way to wash off or cover
Can it only be covered with black? ”

This question is really asking
Today we will talk
Come a big black arm
What kind of experience

Cover No.1

Black history is completely covered!

Who was young

Did nothing wrong

I didn’t love the wrong person ~

Of course
You may have met
Unreliable tattoo artist
Unpicked picture

Just simply dislike
Previous tattoo

You are so cool!
A black arm comes as soon as you come up!

Tattooing hurts fly,
No way to cover?
It’s time to cover up the past
Start again!

Here comes the black arm!
All the arms are sideways!

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