Tattooing has become a favorite of many people now, especially many people like to tattoo on the arm, because the arm is the part of the body that we often leak out, which looks particularly cool!

Couple arm tattoo

Xiu Ai’s first choice! Many girls will tattoo couples’ tattoos with their boyfriends, not only highlighting “you are my person”, but also with a sweet love atmosphere. But the tattoo is a lifetime, and the breakup is an instant, I personally suggest that I still think more about it!

Stick figure tattoo

If you don’t like too complicated tattoos, you can choose this simple stick tattoo.

Flower arm tattoo

There is only one word to describe the flower arm tattoo, it is cool! Imagine that in summer, when you wear a short-sleeved vest and have big tattoos on your arms, is it really cool?

Let’s take a look at other cool black arm tattoos. This type of tattoo is relatively large and the cost will be higher.

Simple english tattoo

There are many options for English tattoos, you can tattoo a person’s name, a famous quote, a reminder, a proverb, etc. It looks very small and fresh, unlike the flower arm tattoo, it is simple, very literary, and is especially popular with girls.


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