Girls ‘small arm tattoos-dozens of small tattoo designs suitable for girls’ arms on foreign countries

Although current girls like to jokingly call themselves “female guys”, the appearance of “female guys” is still wrapped in the heart of “soft girls”. If you want to satisfy your “soft girl” heart, a small tattoo on your small arm can help you.

In order to pursue a fashionable and beautiful appearance and commemorate meaningful things, many girls start to have small and beautiful tattoos on their bodies.

1. Watercolor feather arrow tattoo around the wrist.

2. Childhood memories: Disney Mickey and Minnie.

3. The glamorous little strawberry tattoo satisfies the careful wishes of strawberry masters.

4. Although I am not a Nobita, we have the same Doraemon.

5. Compared with blue and red snowflake tattoos, there is one more difference.

6. Complex Virgo girls are suitable for simple but not simple tattoos.

7. The small flower composed of black lines, just use a little lightly with watercolors, and the fresh fan show is full.

8. The black lines are matched with the colorful pearl shells, which is very fresh and feels refreshing.

9. The cool and refreshing watermelon is more refreshing under the background of two small orchids.

In addition to the above small fresh tattoos, the editor has privately collected the works of three foreign tattoo artists. The small and chic style will definitely make people shine, very small and chic. Come and see if your dish is available!

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