I still remember the last post. Some netizens commented that they like whales. I always wanted to write an article about the sharing of whale tattoos, but I never found an opportunity. , Friends who like whale tattoo designs are blessed today!

Although it has always been called a whale, a whale is not a fish but a mammal. In the history of anthropology, whales are a symbol of motherhood, while in psychology they symbolize the resurrection and rebirth, which may explain why so many tattoo lovers like to have whale patterns on their bodies-because they imply tattoos.

However, some netizens said that tattoos do n’t really care about morals, and there are no special reasons for tattooing whales. They just feel beautiful and happy, so they decide to tattoo on their bodies.

The editor quite agrees with this point of view. In reality, many people think that tattoos need a reason, there is no reason not to tattoo, but I think tattoos as an expression of self-personality, there is no reason at all. When I get to the pattern I like, I can no longer open my eyes. This is the reason.

Uh uh, because I like it, tattooing seems to be a reason for tattooing, Emm ~ hits the face, but the editor wants to express that we do n’t need specific reasons for tattoos, we do n’t have to care about morals, if we like it, we can tattoo without regrets!

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