The moral of the anchor tattoo
Moral one: determination, loyalty, strength
If you are a faithful tattoo lover, the tattoo of the anchor symbol represents determination, loyalty, strength and dedication. Because for the devout believers, although they are in trouble, their faith is their spiritual food, which is firmly stuck in their hearts, no matter what the reason is, they cannot be changed.

What really makes anchor tattoos popular is sailors at sea. For sailors of the last century, crew members who can successfully cross the Atlantic will get an anchor tattoo. This tattoo symbolizes that they can get home safely. ;

Even now, many people will choose anchor tattoo to represent the family, because the family is our safest harbor in this world.

The American singer who once undressed without saying a word and now returns to the pure essence-Miley Cyrus, has a line anchor tattoo on her right wrist, which symbolizes “safe harbor” and also represents returning to the family , Stay in a safe place with your family.

Allegory three: stability and importance
Because in real life, the function of the anchor is to keep the ship stable in the rough seas, the anchor tattoo also means stable. Some people want emotional stability, the most famous of which is the anchor tattoo under the chest on the left side of Lady Gaga. This is to commemorate his former fiance Taylor Kinney

And anchors are a vital part of a ship, so anchor tattoos can also represent the most important people in your mind, such as family members or people who have a greater influence on themselves.

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