Lead: Now the tattoos on the stars seem to be the imitation objects of some small partners’ tattoos. The tattoos on Quan Zhilong and Rihanna’s fingers made some people get the idea of finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are very handsome, but you first Do n’t worry, it ’s not too late to read this article first.

Recently, the editor has discovered that there are many Sao Nian who want to tattoo on the finger. Ask the editor how to design the pattern on the finger. Although finger tattoos are handsome, even some celebrities like to tattoo their fingers. For example, your crazy-purchased GD Quan Zhilong has his own personal brand name “PEACEMINUSONE” tattooed on his finger;

Rihanna, the queen of European and American singers, is also a well-known tattoo lover. Not only is her body covered with tattoos, she doesn’t even let her fingers go. It is the well-known “shhh …” and “love” finger tattoos.

The finger tattoo looks very handsome, but the finger tattoo is not as beautiful as you think, I wonder why? Then you can read this article first, and then make a decision.

First of all, if you are a child with a lot of sweat, then I am sorry, you may have no relationship with the finger tattoo. Because the tattoos on your hands usually rub and rub, plus the sun and rain and frequent hand washing, the tattoos on your fingers will fade and wear out soon.

Tattooing on your fingers can’t avoid dizziness. Because the cortex on the finger is thin and there are many capillaries, it is easy to spread the coloring material in this kind of tattoo, and the edge of the tattoo pattern will become virtual, and it will look very dirty, which is what we call halo.

If you are more sensitive to pain, you should think about finger tattoos, because it will be very painful. In general, the areas with the strongest pain are mainly concentrated on the inner skin and the bones are obvious. These skins are mainly characterized by less subcutaneous fat or less muscle. So sorry, fingers are also in the range of strong pain.



Tattoos are permanent. Once tattooed, it’s hard to get rid of this grumpy goblin. A disadvantage of tattooing on the finger is that it is often seen. Big S used to have a dark blue flower on the right hand tiger’s mouth. Later, he was anxious to remove this tattoo.

For some small partners who need to go to work in the company, finger tattoos also need to be considered twice. Because the tattoo is in such an obvious place, the clothes can’t be covered, and some bosses who don’t like the tattoo may cut you off at the interview stage. So tattooing your fingers will affect your study and employment to a certain extent, but if you are your own boss or you are a rich second generation, it is another matter.

After you have read the shortcomings about finger tattoos above, if you still insist on tattooing, Xiao Bian also takes care of the old mother’s heart and reminds you a few points.


About drawing selection. In places where the finger is small, it is not suitable for complex patterns. It is best to use simple lines or simpler pictures. Tattooists are also humans, and the small finger area is really limited to play.

Tattoo artist

It is best to find a reliable tattoo artist. The best way to tattoo a finger is to find a reliable tattoo artist. Because the skin on the finger is different from other parts of the body, the tattoo artist must be able to control how the ink can effectively color the finger. Have experience in this area.


Most tattooists are reluctant to tattoo their fingers. Because the fingers are most often exposed to bacteria from the outside world, it is particularly difficult to maintain after the tattoo. The poor maintenance of the small patterns will make others feel that your hands are not washed clean. Question, seriously, it’s no wonder the tattoo artist.

Focus on maintenance
Having said that, what do you think of finger tattoos? It is possible that you will change your finger tattoo, or you may not be able to change your idea of ​​tattooing your finger. In any case, tattoos can only be decided by you, and your favorite is the most important.

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New school is literally translated as “new school”, which is a new type of American tattoo style. Unlike old school tattoos, the colors used in New school tattoos are bolder and the thickness of the lines changes more. Recently, New school tattoos are again sought after by everyone. Next, follow the editor to see what are the characteristics of New school tattoos? Why is it so popular?

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