Introduction: The ears listen to the beautiful sound, and many fashionistas like to wear earrings and tattoos to enhance the fashion of the shape. The careful machine on the ears looks small and fresh, and it is also very literary feel ~~

The secret of the ears, the tattoo design with tattoos on the ears, and very delicate literary feel Inner color expression, a little more avant-garde trend feel ~~

Many girls are not really passionate about tattoos, but if they want to keep their memories and leave the mark they want to leave, they choose English with meaningful ear patterns. Such ear tattoos are exquisite and beautiful.

Not all tattoos are non-mainstream, very special, and some are suitable for girls with small fresh feelings. This small chrysanthemum ear tattoo is very good, delicate and fresh.


Many girls like to have patterns on their ears, but ear tattoos are recommended to choose simple and exquisite, so as to show the beauty of tattoos, too big tattoos cover the ears, it will look very ugly and non-mainstream.

Many girls who love tattoos love the English alphabet. In fact, you ca n’t mess with the English alphabet. Be careful to understand the meaning and meaning of this, otherwise you will be laughed at.

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