No. 7

Don’t copy the tattoos of celebrities. Just don’t learn. Celebrities also have failed tattoos.

In other words, it’s not because your favorite pop star has a dream catcher or a four-leaf clover that means they are the most popular and the best tattoos, they are not.
And it will be said to be copycat.

No. 8

We talk about tattoos on the hands, neck and face called “Job Stoppers”. Tattoos in this obvious location have a bad effect on potential employees.

Another illusion is that you are already tattooed on your body so you can tattoo on these places. Rakovic explained. In tattoo culture, if a person only has tattoos in these conspicuous positions, people will think that he is pretending to be a pretender, commonly known as forced.
Then again, the discrimination against tattoos has a more serious impact on women. Boys with floral arms can wear shirts every day, but many professional women cannot wrap their arms every day.

Legs, ankles, feet, shoulders and chest are likely to be seen during working hours.

So girls choose places more carefully than boys.

If you just want to get a tattoo on these parts, consider mixing out your personal appearance before you go.

No. 9

Good tattoos are never cheap and will never be free.

Don’t be bothered by free tattoos, in other words, bad tattooists are cheap. Most such tattooists practice their hands with free tattoos.

If you do a survey, you will find that tattoos are also in line with the commodity economy, and the quality is proportional to the price. And always remember-good tattooists and good tattoos are worth your money.

No. 10

Be very careful with the beautiful and gentle feminine texts in foreign literature. Every word and context is different from person to person, so do your homework in advance. Your tattoo artist may not speak Persian, check spelling and meaning.

In fact, spelling errors and improper translations are very common in tattoos.


If there is a problem in the communication with the tattoo artist, you can’t get to each other’s point, professionally listen to the tattoo artist’s idea, stick to your own.

For example, if you have some opinions about a place, but the tattoo artist said that it was out of date, so listen to the tattoo artist. For example, the tattoo artist will add a little purple to the white, so that the tattoo will not turn yellow but remain white after a period of time, then listen to the tattoo artist.

I know that many people walk into a tattoo shop and don’t know what they want. Tattooists often suggest you the best style they are good at, but this style may not be the best for you.

So it is important to build your own tattoo in your mind before you tattoo (even if it is not fully formed), otherwise you may only get a general tattoo in the end.

Don’t arrange your meeting with the tattoo artist during your physiology period. When you are before menstruation, your pain sensitivity will be much higher.

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